Week 2 Draw A Response


This week’s Draw a Response challenge is: Love Is Love Is Love! Make sure to tag #drawaresponse @drawaresponse in your Instagram post.

Here is a ‘lovely’ response from @_anyabebe. (Chuckles at my own bad pun!) Follow her on Instagram to see more of her great work.

Andrea on Instagram- “🌹Priceless🌹 #...rtistsofinstagram#sketch#sketchofthe…”

Here’s my response for the week.

Love is joy, pain, anguish, ecstasy all wrapped in the skin of someone we find so different and yet exactly the same as ourselves. The myriad ways to love blossom life that is unexpected, healing, and beautiful…not pretty, but soul deep beautiful.

LoveIsLoveIsLoveHappy Drawing!



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