Do Not Be Ashamed: Pictures and Poems


go ahead, look me in the eye

there’s nothing left to hide

burnished to a polished shine

turned dull

the ache

the ache

let the damn mirror break


do not be ashamed


we all have wounds

where the pain likes to play

a stranger, a soul

someone I didn’t know

not now what I behold

what I see is fire, passion

lightning gold

when thunder rolls

we planted a garden

under the gray


this day is dawning

bathed in moonlight

and night

is no longer the death knell

I may never understand

what it is that drives you

to see me burn

but what I see now

don’t look away




a me, not perfect, but good enough

and where places rubbing rough

is what makes it all interesting

do not be ashamed

you are loved you are claimed


the is the me that was lost


oh how I love you

you are found

do not be afraid

do not be afraid


you are found

you are found


-Melissa Kircher


Delicate As A: Pictures and Poems


delicate as a flower — no

takes away all of my power — so

bendable, breakable

makes me expendable

I have no choice, you’ve taken my voice

by making me something beautiful

up on a pedestal

there is no credit — oh

then you go ahead and rip me down

pluck all my petals

testing my metal

don’t you know this queen owns a crown?

delicate this word that

saps all the strength that I do — have

feet on floor

grounded, I’m sounding

I’m pounding, I’m peeling

breaking all of your ceilings

tall above the crowd

I won’t bring my sisters down

or brothers

the thing about flowers is

you put them in vases

trapped in glass cases

and yet every year more grow in

filling the fields — and

choking the weeds — and

then you will know

the flowers are winning

friend, we’re mad grinning

while all of this healing flows


“Delicate As A” – Melissa Kircher