Delicate As A: Pictures and Poems


delicate as a flower — no

takes away all of my power — so

bendable, breakable

makes me expendable

I have no choice, you’ve taken my voice

by making me something beautiful

up on a pedestal

there is no credit — oh

then you go ahead and rip me down

pluck all my petals

testing my metal

don’t you know this queen owns a crown?

delicate this word that

saps all the strength that I do — have

feet on floor

grounded, I’m sounding

I’m pounding, I’m peeling

breaking all of your ceilings

tall above the crowd

I won’t bring my sisters down

or brothers

the thing about flowers is

you put them in vases

trapped in glass cases

and yet every year more grow in

filling the fields — and

choking the weeds — and

then you will know

the flowers are winning

friend, we’re mad grinning

while all of this healing flows


“Delicate As A” – Melissa Kircher


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