Pictures and Poems: Together Live Tour

Two years ago I began sketching in response to podcasts. I had little time for painting then because I had two very little kids who demanded most of my time and attention. Podcasts filled my Enneagram 5 need to learn and use my adult brain, and sketching filled my need to listen deeply and respond visually. Lately, as my kids transition to full-time school and I’m getting back into novel writing (I will be on the New York Times Bestseller List one day, I promise!), I’ve found that as I listen to wise people and great podcasts not only do I need to draw, I also need to write! Poetry is new. Bear with me as I explore it with joy!

A friend gifted me tickets to the Together Live Tour  last night in Philly and so I went. Here are two pictures and two poems in response to the gift of words and wisdom the women on the tour shared.



anchor in the depths

every drop in the ocean

sings for your presence



abide in the valley

where the air is thick and the river runs deep

where life and death intermingle



for you will have time on the heights

where the air is thin and the sun hot on your shoulders

the path winding down again before you

as you travel back

to the pain and unknowing and gut-twisting growth

the valley is night

the valley is ocean

the valley invites you to stay, anchor where the grass is green, the dirt, dirty

the water singing your soul home

when you stay

you learn

who you are

-Melissa Kircher



I think poetry

might be inside you

I think the words

have always been there

ready to tumble from hesitant lips

I think the stars shine only for you tonight

and the earth turns

to keep you on it

I think I love you

though I don’t

know you half as much as I should

but I have this feeling that there is poetry inside you

the ineffable everlasting

sitting on the cusp of your tongue

and heart

and fingertips

take a chance

on yourself

-Melissa Kircher


For Further Reading/Interaction with the tour hosts :

First the Pain, Then the Rising – Glennon Doyle

Abby Wambach

Awesomely Luvvie – Luvvie Ajayi

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh

Jamia Wilson –

Own Your GlowLatham Thomas

Elizabeth Lesser 

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