Self-Love For The New Year

ImMineDuring these dark, sunless winter days I’m thinking about of the importance of self-love and self-care. The cold, hard truth is: I can’t love anyone well until I first love myself well.

Not even my kids. Not even my spouse. The easiest and hardest people to love.

No. First, I must love me.

There is this crazy push by culture and stories and media to find love and meaning in others.

I tried that.

Didn’t work.

Finally, at the age of thirty-four, I’m starting to understand that from health springs health. From love springs love.

I’m mine. I’m the only one ultimately responsible for love in my life because it all originates with me. This means I must first shower myself with love, acceptance, forgiveness, time, fun, and all the good things. I’ve gotta be a little fierce about it, too. Because it’s kind of rebellious to assert that I’m not supposed to be anyone other than who I already am. I’m not supposed to be doing anything other than what I’m doing right at this moment.

It’s kind of bad ass.

My New Year’s resolution is to look down at my feet planted exactly where they are and enjoy, love, and revel in it. I’m resolved to not try to change myself. There are no more boxes to fit inside. Total freedom grounded in love. Grounded in me.

3 Mantras For Self-love:

Be who I already am.

The universe is abundant.

I am loved. 

Happy New Year!


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